May 062015
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Following their takeover of Slime’s slave pits, The Nettlers (and Taeros) find themselves in the troubling position of deciding what to do with an army of brainwashed soldiers who have been programmed for unquestioning obedience. Pendrel and Avon set out to discover a way to restore free will to these poor kidnapped souls, but the magic used to purge it from them seems to be far more invasive than anyone thought, and only one with the blessing of the gods can perform the necessary counter-ritual. Among the slaves, the group discovers a fighter with giant metallic hands, an experimental super soldier named Hob who joins the group in their quest to slay the dracolich. Can they defeat the beast and bring an end to the necrotic chili horrors rampaging through the north? Will they be able to free the slave army from Slime’s mind-erasing magic? And what of the scheming sorcerers whose machinations originally led to their hometown’s woes? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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  • Unit Omega

    Solid DW stuff. The opening bogged down a lot, but it worked through in the end, started flowing a lot better. Such issues are common to the gaming medium, sadly. Loved the thing with Harmonia actually being Anathema. I suppose that probably makes Discordia Hanzalbar, unless it’s the fallen Harmonia whose throne/purview Anathema stole. Sadly, probably dashes my hopes for further symmetry with a neutral deity in the middle.

    It’s interesting Pendrel/Meyer counts himself out as a fighter, since Bards make a decent support and even fighting class (as I recall Pendrel has pretty good DEX) and I thought he took Metal Hurlant. Bards also have the most multiclass potential. As for Fighters, they’re probably the most straightforward class in DW (which can sometimes make them dull, but I assume Will got some levels to work with at start), their primary function is hitting things, breaking things, and sometimes tanking. (Also, I believe it’s polite to ask before just performing Called Shot or Backstab, as they have certain requirements. Actually, they have the same requirement. Very little about a move’s description is flavor text)

    • Chados

      I’m in the same group- WTF, Meyer? Bards are fine in combat. 🙂

      I’ll try to lay off the DW rules talk, mainly because you guys have a pretty good grip of the rules now. I don’t like doing things with Pinecones.

  • Mark Hedden

    Just for the record, I absolutely love Avon’s absurd voice. Never ever change it!

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