Jun 102015
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The fearsome villains of Bulbous Quarry are one step closer to building the devilish device they need to track down Porter, the demon who ruined their lives. In the meantime, the circumstances of their exile continue to worsen. Peyton, currently working kennel duty at an upscale pet salon, finds himself in an awkward position when his boss’s lapdog decides to blackmail him. Peter, who is currently managing accounts at a cash register repair firm, has an unexpected meeting with an old friend. Weylan, now a junior cashier at the local museum’s gift shop, pines for the affections of his much younger boss. When they learn that an exhibit of priceless Egyptian artifacts, newly liberated from the now-defunct Fear Force Five in Apex City, is to be showcased at Weylan’s workplace, the team bands together to take back what was once not-so-rightfully theirs. However, the security protecting the exhibit has been significantly increased, and old tensions strain the group to the breaking point. The Phantom Force will need a solid plan, perfect timing, and the assistance of a newly recruited henchman to pull off the museum heist of the century, again.

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