Jul 012015
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The Apex City Bulbous Quarry villains are only two items away from building the Devilish Device that will allow them to track down Porter, the fiend who possessed their comrade, destroyed their lives, and landed them in exile. To complete the machine, they’ll need to find an angel’s feather and the totem of a demon, both of which they will have to physically remove from living hosts. Hoping to harvest a demonic totem, the group gets in touch with the League of Supervillains to see if there are any Hellbinders out there who the organization has marked for death, and they are assigned to eliminate a newbie ne’er-do-well named Velociraptor Jones. Meanwhile, Pete, Peyton and Weyland continue to learn more about the fatal last score of the Phantom Fist and his crew. Can the gang take down one of their own in cold blood, or will they find themselves facing an unfortunate bout of conscience? Listen to find out!

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