Jul 012015
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The Apex City Bulbous Quarry villains are only two items away from building the Devilish Device that will allow them to track down Porter, the fiend who possessed their comrade, destroyed their lives, and landed them in exile. To complete the machine, they’ll need to find an angel’s feather and the totem of a demon, both of which they will have to physically remove from living hosts. Hoping to harvest a demonic totem, the group gets in touch with the League of Supervillains to see if there are any Hellbinders out there who the organization has marked for death, and they are assigned to eliminate a newbie ne’er-do-well named Velociraptor Jones. Meanwhile, Pete, Peyton and Weyland continue to learn more about the fatal last score of the Phantom Fist and his crew. Can the gang take down one of their own in cold blood, or will they find themselves facing an unfortunate bout of conscience? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Better Angels – “Apex City / Bulbous Quarry Capers”

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  • Unit Omega

    So as a quick mid-intro response; typically in ORE, when ever you take “damage” it removes a die from your highest match. This is why getting multiple sets or a good width is good. However, I haven’t specifically checked Better Angels recently. In BA and ADW, I can see how “damage” might be a little more nebulous with the sliding scales – but that’s how WT and MAOCT work for sure. Probably Nemesis, too, but who actually plays Nemesis?

  • Mark Hedden

    Y’know, when I started listening to the Apex City games, I really wasn’t expecting the intensely morally charged tales of supervillainy to descend so completely into French sex farce, and yet, here we are, with characters such as the Puppy Pimp, the Dumpy Dominant, and the Lyceum Lolita.

    It is, of course, fantastically funny, and I’m hugely enjoying the series.

    • I can’t say I was really expecting it to go this way, either. But I’m loving it. I have some loose plans for the last games, but a lot of it really comes down to what the guys want to do at the table and what I make up on the fly. I’ve done very little planning for this whole campaign.

      • Unit Omega

        Ah, the joys of controlled spontaneity – i/e the art of “winging it”. That’s actually a lot of how I ran Wild Talents. The supercrime ring had broad over-arching goals, and on-going operations, and I just threw plot hooks and stat blocks at the players as needed.

        Though, In Wild Talents things are probably less hectic at the meta-level because all the PCs need to worry about is getting their arms blown off by linear accelerators, their base being burned down in a robot attack, being beaten up by a mob of thralls in a secret vampire night club or losing some Willpower points – not keeping their inner demons happy and avoiding going to Hell, at least in the mechanical sense.

        (PS, I might also steal Velociraptor Jones for Wild Talents, that could totally work in my setting. Maybe make it Utahraptor Jones so they’re more than like, 3 feet tall)

        • Steal away! I don’t know how different the powers are in WT, but his jetpack/chaingun combo comes from his psychic object powers. He can do more, he just likes those.

          • Unit Omega

            Powers in WT are way more customized – actually building a fluid power like Psychic Objects or Animal Form (or at least, one that actually has those mechanical benefits) is actually really complex (and costly). But I can just model Chainguns and Jetpack as just actual Miracles and just have them do stuff. Getting specific things to work each time is easier. Though for NPCs/Villains, I usually cheat and just give them whatever dice I feel they need in their powers to be an appropriate challenge.

            Which kind of says some stuff about the design differences in WT and BA. You do it right, you can sink 10d into a WT Miracle and have it work basically every time, but in Better Angels you can be a shitty person and still struggle to make your Power pool work.

  • Chados

    Not much got accomplished this episode, but it was very entertaining nevertheless! I liked the moral quandary put forward, and Peyton’s actions. You do really have to do good things to keep the demons in check in this game.

    I think Weyland is actually “devolving”.

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