Jun 172015
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As per our last Evening at the Burnwood Mansion: “On a stormy night in rural Massachusetts, a group of strangers meets in a spooky old mansion to hear the reading of a will. The deceased, an elderly, incredibly wealthy eccentric by the name of Jebediah Burnwood, has bequeathed his entire estate to anyone at the reading who spends the night in the house. However, it soon becomes evident that Burnwood’s interests went far beyond the eccentric, and the beneficiaries of his will find themselves trapped in an isolated old house with a terrifying predator from another world.” This time around, a violist, a historian, a pop singer, and a marine are called to the reading, and must survive the night at Mr. Burnwood’s horror-infested home. Join Alex as he runs a (mostly) new group of Investigators through his original Call of Cthulhu con scenario!

  • Nextlevel2

    Another great episode, I’m glad to hear Meyer and Ed because they’d had been missing in several episodes which I had played recently and wondered where they were. Keep doing your thing and always have fun 🙂

    (p.s. I wouldn’t pay attention to negative feedback, there’ll always be haters no matter what. You’ve managed to get many people who love listening to you religiously since the beginning just the way you are, food for thought).

    • Meyer and Ed disappear back into my subconscious when we aren’t recording, just like everyone else. Or they get chained up in my basement, depending on which Rag-NERD-rok metaplot you subscribe to. I believe I was imagining Ed on his honeymoon in England when we recorded this one, though, so you must’ve mistaken someone else for him.

      • Chris

        Oh man, is it me? I really hope it isn’t me. Somehow, it wouldn’t be the first time someone couldn’t tell my voice apart from Ed’s. It was me, wasn’t it?

  • crawlkill

    so why’d the wizard want his heirs to spend a night in his house, anyway? I’da thought he’d have some phylactery sitting around he’d be hoping they’d discover so he could possess one of em or whatever.

    also v disappointed Chris’ staying up all night learning Mythos magic didn’t have the scenario ending with a straightforward “Chris summons another not-byakhee while everyone else sleeps and you are all devoured”

    • Well, he had them stay the night because mumblemumblemumble.

      • It’s that damned Cliche Clause, the most contrived aspect of horror estates law!

  • Sean Craig

    I believe it was in this episode when meyer was trying to run from something and you werent sure what skill to use its just a dex times whatever you feel is appropriate 5 being easy 1 being difficult

    • Thanks. It just seems weird that CoC has so many other skills for athletics, and yet running isn’t one of them. You have to roll a specific skill to jump, climb or swim, but not run. Weird.

      • Unit Omega

        A side-effect of CoC’s being designed in an earlier time, usually for an earlier time. Jumping (at least under extreme or complex circumstances), Climbing and Swimming are all skills you need to learn, but who needs to learn to run? And DEX is used as the counter of your quickness to action.

        This makes an interesting counterpoint to Eclipse Phase, a modern game set in a post-modern era. Swimming and Climbing are skills but so is “Free”running, because now we live in a world where Parkour is a thing and also kind of future-y (thanks, Mirror’s Edge. No really). Jumping, meanwhile, isn’t covered directly, but making a jump would either be a straight SOM check or be tied into Freerunning or Free Fall based on your gravitation.

  • Chados

    I had a weird reaction in the setup. So you have to stay overnight in a relative/other of a deceased weird old rich man, to receive a part of his fortune?

    Fucking Awesome.

    I would love to run this one with the same pregens, especially- what was it? Meyer’s Con man who talked his way in? Alex- great scenario! Chris, David, James, Meyer(and later, Ryan), that was some kick-ass roleplaying.

  • Chris

    Ha! Take that James!

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