May 132015
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As the surviving members of the former Fear Force Five adjust to their humiliating new lives in Bulbous Quarry, they discover that Porter, the demon responsible for their fall from grace, has resurfaced on Earth. In order to track down the fiend who ruined their lives, the team is going to need to build a devilish device with some very specific materials, including a sample of blood from a creature that is the last of its kind. They decide to burgle a genetics company that has cloned a wooly mammoth, but the job is not as easy as it might seem. During the heist, Weyland and Pete must fulfill harsh demands from their demons, and the team must keep the caper’s true purpose a secret from their new team leader, Blake. On top of all that, Peyton and the mammoth strike up a tenuous friendship, one that could be ruined at any moment by his Hellbinder companions. The Phantom Force is in for a bloody clash of demonic sadism, wounded pride and nagging conscience, this week on Apex City Bulbous Quarry Capers!

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  • Unit Omega

    So, for the record, a human has an average of ~10-12 pints of blood. I found this in about a second of googling.

    But it’s good to see Better Angels again. It feels wrong not to say “Apex City” or #FFF. I just don’t feel the impact with #PhantomForce. But Vignettes are back, and that’s great – and the whole “Kill Porter” plot seems much more dynamically driven than some of the stuff before (I’ve commented on the pacing and plot threads previously). And look at you guys, making rolls in social situations and remembering to do the One-Roll.

    It makes my cold, black heart flutter. Wait, I’ve said too much.

    • Yes, vignettes are back! And I have fun plans for Will’s vignettes.

      The “Kill Porter” plot is definitely more dynamic, as it’s an actual plot. Earlier, it was pretty much just a “lets roll dice and see what happens” and my plan was to build a plot from there. But then Will go possessed and Ryan outed everyone, so it kind of forced my hand. But I love it. I think the second half of the campaign is going to be a lot better.

      And yes, editing comments is crazy. This is much better than our old commenting system.

      • Unit Omega

        It’s certainly handy.

        Looking at it, the whole “evil league wants cash” thing was a good attempt to kind of force them to do super-villainy (a bit like No Soul Left Behind) which would naturally lead to more and more antics which would bleed into their personal lives – but at the same time it seemed very shoehorned to force them into that situation. I think I said it in the session Dr. Monstrosity first showed up that as a part of the audience, I kind of wanted him to butt out and focus back on what the #FFF (#RIP) were doing on their own.

        The Porter issue has much more investment for all the participants, because Ryan did a great job as Porter fucking everybody over. Everybody (except Will’s character) is invested directly in it, and PF is in because he has to babysit. So it feels a lot more dynamic “you walk this path of your own free will”, which is always better. Those who use the devil’s tools will come by degrees to wield his sword, and all that. Or Caleb Stokes question; “Can you tear down the devil’s house with his tools?”

  • Chados

    Is it weird that I thought Ed making the guy eat his keys was too awesome? 🙂 Alex: If you try to make him eat the keys again, he can’t resist. Ed: I try it again.

    Nice job with the Mammoth, Ryan. All in all, pretty good job being evil bad guys! Some time you guys should probably do some good deeds to- you know… Repent and all that.

  • Chris

    *I* was impressed with the names Alex. Don’t you let them disparage you or Grungo.

    • Chados

      Totally, Chris. I kind of want to hear a side story about those other super villains now.

      • In that case, you’re in luck! Blake O’Henry’s previous dealings with The Cannibal (El Chupacabra), Dr. Isosceles, Battery Acid, and Grungo are going to play out in flashback as Will’s vignettes over the next few games.

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