May 132015
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As the surviving members of the former Fear Force Five adjust to their humiliating new lives in Bulbous Quarry, they discover that Porter, the demon responsible for their fall from grace, has resurfaced on Earth. In order to track down the fiend who ruined their lives, the team is going to need to build a devilish device with some very specific materials, including a sample of blood from a creature that is the last of its kind. They decide to burgle a genetics company that has cloned a wooly mammoth, but the job is not as easy as it might seem. During the heist, Weyland and Pete must fulfill harsh demands from their demons, and the team must keep the caper’s true purpose a secret from their new team leader, Blake. On top of all that, Peyton and the mammoth strike up a tenuous friendship, one that could be ruined at any moment by his Hellbinder companions. The Phantom Force is in for a bloody clash of demonic sadism, wounded pride and nagging conscience, this week on Apex City Bulbous Quarry Capers!

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