Aug 192015
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The mysteries are piling up and the tension is mounting on a brand-new episode of Paradise Bluff! During our last episode, Sheriff Spencer, Deputy Wheeler and FBI Agent Fox Cooper arrested breathtaking heiress Vanessa St. Clair after witnessing a terrifying display of her reality-altering powers. Meanwhile, town bad boy Billy DuPont decided to conduct some research on his own. This week, the fallout from Vanessa’s arrest hits the local cops hard when her father, the foot powder mogul Amos St. Clair, arrives with Paradise Bluff’s beleaguered mayor in tow. While Spencer, Wheeler and Cooper try their hardest to resist the new complications that Vanessa seems to be creating by her mere presence, Billy decides to go with the flow, and writes himself into a job at the St. Clair factory. Will these characters learn the truth about Vanessa and her abilities, and if so, is there anything they can do to resist her? Find out, on the action-packed conclusion of Paradise Bluff!

The five Series Aspects of Paradise Bluff

Series Aspects of Paradise Bluff

  • Unit Omega

    Starting off right away with some need for a response, this’ll be a good episode. Generally, law enforcement departments have both sworn and non-sworn personnel, with different responsibilities. Only sworn officers have the full powers you might expect from the police, but nonsworn do vital duties also, like dispatch. Its entirely possible Harold hit his mandated retirement (or just didn’t want to run in an election again) but the department hired him on in a non-sworn position. He technically, however, would not be a police “officer”.

    Also, the talk about zombie jesus always reminds me of Futurama, and Farnsworth’s refrain of “Sweet Zombie Jesus”, sometimes censored to “Sweet Zombie!”. It also reminds me of why the Japanese and some other cultures regard the cross or crucifix as an occult or esoteric symbol – their cultural collective snapshot understanding of Christianity is about as good as our cultural collective snapshot of those cultures – so paying homage to the thing that killed that Jesus guy who came back from the dead is kind of weird and spooky to a lot of them.

  • Chados

    I don’t think rewarding Meyer a fate point for ignoring/avoiding the game plot is a good idea, Omega- even if… it caused the scene with his character at the factory and the rest of the guys “behind the scenes”. That was hilarious. 🙂


    Nice job, guys. Everybody, I mean, good show. That was a great concept, and well played.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! At some point soon, I’ll send the link to the module I’m writing up if people want to playtest and give feedback. So far, I’ve got about 3,000 words, but it’s a bit rambly, and doesn’t cover everything.

      I kinda agree with Omega about giving Meyer the Fate points, because he was playing his character. It was appropriately meta that Meyer had chosen to be That Asshole who went against the plan. I did think it was an appropriate avenue of investigation, as getting close to Vanessa would let him uncover her Aspects, and, therefore, attack her.

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