Aug 192015
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The mysteries are piling up and the tension is mounting on a brand-new episode of Paradise Bluff! During our last episode, Sheriff Spencer, Deputy Wheeler and FBI Agent Fox Cooper arrested breathtaking heiress Vanessa St. Clair after witnessing a terrifying display of her reality-altering powers. Meanwhile, town bad boy Billy DuPont decided to conduct some research on his own. This week, the fallout from Vanessa’s arrest hits the local cops hard when her father, the foot powder mogul Amos St. Clair, arrives with Paradise Bluff’s beleaguered mayor in tow. While Spencer, Wheeler and Cooper try their hardest to resist the new complications that Vanessa seems to be creating by her mere presence, Billy decides to go with the flow, and writes himself into a job at the St. Clair factory. Will these characters learn the truth about Vanessa and her abilities, and if so, is there anything they can do to resist her? Find out, on the action-packed conclusion of Paradise Bluff!

The five Series Aspects of Paradise Bluff

Series Aspects of Paradise Bluff

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