Aug 122015
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Tune in to catch the electrifying season premiere of the hottest mystery series on TV! The disappearance of Julie Simpson, the prom queen at Paradise High, threw the small midwestern town of Paradise Bluff into turmoil. During last season’s cliffhanger finale, Sheriff Eddie Spencer and Deputy Curtis Wheeler chased a mysterious suspect to the old Henderson barn, where the shadowy figure vanished in a spectacular light show. Could it have been aliens? Meanwhile, prominent ne’er-do-well Billy DuPont and Sheriff Spencer’s youngest daughter, Patricia, were conducting their own investigation. Was Julie really going to leave her boyfriend Jace to run off with Billy? Now, as the new season opens, off-duty federal agent Fox Cooper arrives in town, and makes a startling discovery. What’s really strange about this year’s opener is the undue focus it places on local heiress Vanessa St. Clair, a character who, as far as the others remember, has just appeared in town. As Paradise Bluff seems to rewrite itself to accommodate the intruder, Sheriff Spencer Deputy Wheeler, Billy and Agent Cooper struggle to figure out who she is and why she has the terrifying power to warp reality as they know it. Can they find the truth, or will their storylines be permanently sidelined as a new character takes center stage?

This episode is a playtest of a Fate Accelerated module that Ryan is writing up inspired by the Too Many Cooks game that he ran previously. If you would like to hear the set-up for this session, in which the group created Paradise Bluff and its characters, you can find it here.

  • crawlkill

    I’ve said once or twice here and elsewhere that you guys are pretty strong in using the language, in every sense, of film to inform games. the “previously on” intro montage here was particularly cool that way.

  • Unit Omega

    I’m not 100% sure, seeing as my research into the subject is unclear, but I think Missing Persons cases are actually Federal, or at least, reported to the Feds and handled with support of Federal agencies.

    • It’s coming together at a slow but steady pace. I’ve been digging into the Fate Toolkit and both rulebooks to make sure I’m actually writing something that uses the system to its full potential. When I have a completed draft that I’m happy with, I’ll gladly throw it up on GDrive and open it up to feedback.

  • Chados

    Interesting game! I like how you attached aspects, and you could use them for a compel, or the characters could act like normal if they wanted.

  • Trainshaman

    Late to the party, but I have to say, almost sad it’s the show-ruining meta type game and not just straight Twin Peaks stuff. I’d love a campaign like that from you guys. Especially loved Ed’s freaky fed in this.

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