Jan 202016
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Here it is, the Dungeon World game everyone’s been clamoring for: the grand finale of The Nettle Crusades! With the fate of the universe at stake, The Nettlers (and Taeros) press on to the Realms of Corruption, where the Onion of Death awaits. However, when they stop to explore the fortress that lies on the border between realms, Taeros unwittingly frees a god of destruction from his eternal imprisonment, and now the fallen deity seeks to feed the universe to some kind of devourer. With the gods of light arrayed against them and the gods of darkness waiting to see who comes out on top, will our seriously overpowered adventurers be able to save the entire universe?

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  • Unit Omega

    There’s not a lot of specifics to get into, this was just a good session, good finale. There were some bumps on the road, but you made it to the end. I usually enjoy that kind of ascension/apotheosis/fix the universe trope. If you guys can find a copy you guys should totally play the game Pantheon.

    I assume with the hanging Hanzalbar, you might do some more nettleverse stuff in the future? That’d be pretty cool.

    For Taeros, It is kind of fitting he decides to just go home and be with nature and stuff. He was just in this to see this shit go down, I imagine he becomes a new figure of Myth who new generations of adventurers go poke to learn plot or to get sent on quests. And occasionally those quests are just him doing a solid to his friends the Gods. Like Pendrell dropped his mandolin to the material plane and he can’t be bothered to get it back, so everybody bugs Taeros until he finds some orphaned teenage murderhobos in a tavern somewhere and sends them out for it. Humble is the source of all those mysterious quest rewards.

    • That’s great. I love the image of Taeros being bugged by the gods to do things for them on the mortal plane, and finally caving in after they annoy him enough.

      • Unit Omega

        This is the real curse of immortality, you have to put up with those losers for all eternity.

  • Chados

    Another great finale! While I do think Ryan was pretty easy on you guys, I think I’m going to miss watching Bar-nay-boos one shot gods, the antics of Humble, the “godliness” (?) of Pendrell, the solid chain fist prowess of Hob, Teros’ reaction to his compatriots’ actions, Brinton’s half-ascension-then-back-to-mortal-then-upgrade-to-godhood, and hearing Avon’s voice. Maybe not that last one. 😉

    Also, when Derek could make it, with Bors’ “batman” voice. And Wolf(Vulf?)! “Bors! I’m stuck in a tree again!”

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