Oct 052016
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It’s time for another Free RPG Day scenario, this one from Pelgrane Press! When an army of skeletons suddenly besieges a quiet inn in a seaside town, a group of adventurers step in to fight back! Kilala is a skilled tactician and a brave Human Commander, the only one in her class at the military academy to pass her final exam without raising her voice. Rogar the Dwarf Wizard and his feisty raccoon familiar, Diggs, have been exiled from every single dwarven settlement in the Dragon Empire. Grithok III, a Half-Orc Rogue, has been unwillingly conscripted into service on pirate and merchant crews in every port along the Midland Sea. Finally, two returning characters, crazed Halfling Sorcerer Pizzdipple the Buoyant and Dark Elf Paladin Seldar Kle’Dur’gen, reunite for a new adventure. Can they discover the source of the necromantic outbreak and put it to rest? Will Seldar give in to his drowish impulses and murder the halfling who pushed him into the maw of the great Stone Thief? Listen to find out!

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