Jan 042017

Three ne’er-do-wells, each traveling the aether for their own reasons, are brought together by a mysterious agent of the queen, who blackmails them into raiding a secretive Martian chemical facility located on Venus. Bock, a simple lizard farmer, loathes the filthy Martians, and seeks to eradicate their presence from his home world. Reverend Jedediah McTeague is a bible-thumping anarchist who always carries a few sticks of dynamite, just in case he runs into any government opposition. Finally, Fauntleroy Blomphort is a Robin Hood figure who robs from the rich and gives mostly to the poor. Unless they want the poison circulating in their bloodstreams to kill them outright, they’ll have to team up with Captain Peach in order to take down the Martian terrorist who claims to have found a “cure for humanity.” Can three criminals stop a mass murderer before his weapons are ready, or will they find themselves in over their heads? Listen to find out!

  • Chados

    Ah, Savage Worlds systems. I used to run a few fantasy SW games before 5E came out, but it never caught on with my group.

    Were you guys adding the “wild” die(or whatever it’s called) to your normal die? Unless the Space 1889 system changed the rules, you roll your normal die and the wild die and take the better result.

    Still listening- at the velociraptor fight. Which is why I’m posting about combat rolls. 🙂

    • Chados

      Finished the episode. SW does have some weird rules.

      I’m pressing 3 or 4 for Erik, and laughing at James right now. References!

      • Press 3 for Erik. Always press 3 for Erik.

        • Chados

          /mashes phone pad

      • Chados

        /Mashes phone buttons.

  • Vanilla Midget

    I’m exited to hear more about about this ‘Lizard Jesus’. Perhaps you’ve got some literature about him/it I could read?

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