Jan 112017

In this week’s episode of Fate’s Fools, the gang meets another traveler on a divine quest who joins them on their journey to wherever Fate leads them! Piotr, a cleric who serves a nameless god that communicates with him through cryptic messages in an ancient book, has been wandering the desert for 2,000 days seeking enlightenment. It seems that his deity has other plans, however, as it sends him to the aid of the Yntoid adventurers. In order to harvest the liquid lightning, the group will need to harvest some wolf-squid leather, which will mean another deadly confrontation with Eebmox’s former pack. Will their plan succeed? Will their companions survive? And is it really possible to throw magical fireballs while submerged in water? Listen to find out!

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  • Trainshaman

    Chris usually injects some fun RP, but this time he outdid himself. Piotr’s crazy compliments the affable evil/dickbaggery of the others.

    Also, now I really hope Baldwin is the rising hero from the prophecy who escapes unscathed. He’s learning salamander flame stuff from T’Mek, fighting from Walter, magic from Fen, and is learning overcoming fear from their adventures. As the underachieving, nice halfling he was meant to be the protagonist and the PCs his sidekicks who guide and mentor him on his hero’s journey, but Destiny is an asshole so they all have way too much personality and ego so they took over the show before it even began.

  • Slowly Melting Snowman

    +1 on everything Trainshaman wrote.
    This episode was much-needed comedy gold. Thank you, everyone involved.

  • Chados

    I’ll also echo Trainshaman’s comments.

    Chris’ new character really fits in with the rest of the PCs in this campagin- mainly being because the rest of the characters are fuck-up assholes, too! 🙂

    Ryan, you are doing great NPC’ing Baldwin and Eeb’mox. Especially Eeb’mox’s long winded speeches. 6 stars out of 5.

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