Dec 282016

With the decapitated head of an angry desert goddess in tow, Walter, T’mek, Fenfaril and Baldwin set about the somewhat difficult task of escaping from her sinking temple with their lives. With corridors collapsing at their backs, they will find themselves faced with the deadly test used by the Wrapped Priests to measure a mortal’s sins, a test which will almost certainly kill them for their transgressions. Once they reach the lowest level of the temple, they’ll have to navigate a treacherous maze full of monsters and lie their way past a contingent of the goddess’ holy priestesses in order to reach safety on the banks of the subterranean Buhbz River. Will these desperate adventurers ever see the light of day again, or will Tharc have her vengeance on them at last? And what the hell does Goat Lief mean, anyway? Find out, on this week’s installment of Fate’s Fools!

A detailed drawing of a goat's head with the words, "Gota Lief" written beneath it.

Fenfaril’s new tattoo.

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  • Trainshaman

    Goat Lief 4 Evre

    Also for some reason T’Mek getting more companions and pets makes me squee-adjecent. This game has been a great, fun fantasy adventure romp you rarely see in roleplay, which I primarily blame on D&D and where the people playing it took that game.

    • There are more companions coming! My favorite has yet to be revealed.

      • Stop the rock, can’t stop the rock!

    • Chados

      D&D has simplified somewhat in 5E(that I play quite a bit of), but I think Dungeon World really brings the Roleplaying to the forefront.

      Another very fun AP, guys. GOAT LIEF FOR LIEF!

  • CrazonStudios

    “We’re not in College dude, we’re in a Pit!” – Baldwin


    ‘nough said. 😀

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