Mar 292017

It’s a simple job: go to the mall, break into the DMV and steal a bunch of shit for someone who needs it. The payout is pretty decent, too. Simple, right?

Well, nothing is simple in the Loss. It’s three legs from the enclave to the job site, and that’s plenty of time for shit to get cocked up and for someone to wind up dead. You’ll have to deal with greedy assholes who want to take what you’ve got and leave you for dead. And people who want in on your score, too. And the undead, of course.

And no one has been to this mall since the Crash. There’s probably a good reason for that. But as Takers, figuring shit like that out on the fly is all part of the job.

Join us as Rag-NERD-rok playtests the quick-start rules to “Red Markets,” and the players learn just how hard life can be west of the Recession.

  • lark wake

    yeeees Red Markets! keep trying to find the time and mental energy to pick up on you guys and this is the right way to sell me

  • James Tate

    Does anyone have trouble downloading these AP? I have quite a lot of trouble downloading ragnerdrok. I have no idea why. Its not just my home network or my home laptop. Right now I cant seem to get this red market, AP. It constantly timing out and network. I cant get it from itunes or downloading from the website. Though I can stream it, and I can stream it from my phone.

    • Podcast

      If anyone else is having difficulties like this, please let us know!

      I’m not sure what the problem is, James, but I’ll see what we can do to fix it.

  • Chados

    I’m a little over halfway through. Should have titled this one “Fishing for Will Points”. Sheesh.

    I think you really have to put your ass on the line to get WP, guys. 🙂

    • Fishing for Will points…to our detriment? 😉

    • Chados

      Also, yes- I have to make a soundbite from Meyer this episode. I was thinking it just before you said it! /Lol

      Also Wik, from us listeners: “Fuck you too, Meyer!”

      Also, also Wik: Fischcan Pete is a great reference. 🙂

      Also, PS: Great episode. I hope to hear more RM from you guys!

      • I’m waiting until the final book comes out to start running games for real, but I really like the system and am looking forward to running some games. I’ve already started coming up with some ideas for encounters and other enclaves.

        • Chados

          Enclave generation can be done by the players & GM together- so I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

          • We did one when the beta first came out, but we never got around to actually playing the game. The enclave we came up with was a stadium which, during the Crash, was hosting a folk music festival. It was a new (in the future) stadium, so we said it had a solar panel parking lot, so it could generate power. There was also construction going on, so a big pit was dug out that was full of clay, so we were able to make ceramics and things. We might go with that, or we might make a new enclave. Who knows? If we don’t use it as our base, though, I’ll probably use it as a neighboring enclave. Because then it’s less work for me!

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