May 032017

This week, Meyer ran a session of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire for Star Wars Day! Deep beneath the surface of Kessel, imperial prisoners from across the galaxy toil endlessly in the mines, harvesting and processing the main ingredient for a drug called Glitterstim. Six inmates—a rebel pilot, his mechanic, a pair of mass murdering Sullustans, a Defel spy, and a Twi’lek soldier-for-hire—bide their time and wait for their opportunity to escape. When an injury in the mines presents an opportunity to escape via a compromised doctor droid, the prisoners elect to make their big break. Can they escape from The Empire’s most feared prison colony? Find out, in this week’s episode of Rag-NERD-rok!

  • Chados

    “I’m not even gonna roll, ’cause Stormtroopers always miss.” is like easy mode for Star Wars.

    Not bad, though, Meyer! I still don’t know whether I like the weird symbol-based dice mechanic. It’s cool but then you’re like “Ok, I got a critical success, a failure, and 3 complications…?”

    • Yeah, it’s weird. They just reskinned about of d6s, 8s and 12s so that people have to spend more money on the game. But, it’s Fantasy Flight.

      • Unit Omega

        They seem to treat it a bit like a miniatures game (All their Star Wars mini games I know of use specific dice w/ symbology) to basically take normal dice probability and apply them to specific systems – you can play with conversion but in several years of running the various systems I’ve come to appreciate the kind of results you can get. It’s weird if you’re pre-programmed on how a game should be, but technically looking at the little pictures should probably be more intuitive than some other systems of fiddling with larger numbers. There’s an html dice roller that’s pretty intuitive so my players had to upfront cash just to play.

        (Also, in response to the original quote – Stormies are only easy mode if your GM is easy mode. If you put a realistic military unit of 4-6 of them together as a single minion group they’ll fuck your shit up. This is why you like, put them in buddy cop teams of two and spread them out into a couple groups)

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