Apr 262017
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After being tricked by an evil Master and teleported halfway across the realm, our intrepid Archaeonauts find themselves in a vast forest, surrounded by hostile gorilla people. Once captured, they meet with two fellow prisoners, an undead gentleman underwear thief and a tubular shark-person shaman. When their captors’ queen learns of their situation, she dispatches the team, newcomers in tow, to retrieve the fragments of a long-forgotten artifact that could help them defeat their enemy once and for all. Can the Archaeonauts battle their way through a sacred tomb in order to obtain the artifact? Will the queen discover that her royal panties have been pilfered by a dapper zombie? Is it better to be nourished forever with a vine growing into every bodily orifice, or suffer in the nether realms in eternal agony? Find out, in this week’s episode of Masters of Umdaar!

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