Dec 202017

This week, we’re playing another fantastic one-page RPG by Grant Howitt.

Some cute woodland creatures live in harmony in the forest with their beloved witch. One day, they returned from an errand to her cottage to find that their witch had been FREAKING MURDERED by a FREAKING WITCH HUNTER.

But they can still save her! All the woodland creatures need to do is bring the eyes of the witch hunter back to the witch’s corpse within 24 hours and she can be revived! But that means going to town, where all the humans are. Can a fox, two birds and a tiny, completely useless spider come up with a plan to save the witch? And just how useful can a light spell be? Listen to find out!

  • Chados

    Heh, Meyer and his depressed, Nihilist spider. 😀

    Shit, that got into some descriptive body horror at the end, there. Ha! Didn’t bother me, but it was pretty clear Erik and Will weren’t digging it.

    These one-shot-one-page games can be a pretty fun break.

    • They can be really fun games. They also tend to be our “shit, nearly everyone canceled at the last minute! What are we going to play?!” games.

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