Apr 172019
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In an effort to save all of existence, the most qualified group of adventurers ever heads to Ardeyn, home of the key that can rewrite reality. 

Feeling much more comfortable there than in Equestria, the group takes a leap to recover the key before the September Foundation can. But first, they’re going to have to pass a series of deadly trials, one of which involves proper etiquette. 

Can our heroes overcome their differences to save the world? Will they be able to pass the tests in front of them, or will they be foiled by misplaced salad forks? Listen to find out!

Mar 202019
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This week, Alex runs the gang through his in-development heist game, According to Plan!

A team of extraordinary agents plucked from different points in the timeline make up the Time Cops’ most exclusive team. This time, they are being sent back to 1918 Russia to steal Rasputin’s most…prized possession. And they need to do it before Vladimir Putin, who has also traveled back in time, gets his hands on it to fuel his evil magic!

Can a moody clone of Nikola Tesla, a Japanese yodeler/chicken-mancer, cyborg Paul Bunyan and a floating magical head get the mission done? Probably not! But they’re going to try!

Mar 132019
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Jason Statham, international movie star, is taking a well-deserved holiday. But, as always, the Wesley Sniper is up to his evil tricks, and is trying to ruin Jason’s vacation!

It’s up to a very dedicated team of employees from Jason’s management agency to look out for him and protect him from all of the dastardly hazards the Wesley Sniper will throw at them.

Will the team be able to save Jason Statham’s vacation? Or will he get sad and go home? Listen to find out!

Feb 202019
Is this a pigeon? meme, but with Erik.

It’s another game in our Pilot Season! This time, Erik is up!

There’s a special high school in a special land, where kids of all ages, races and martial prowess come together. And some of them have giant robots.

In this anime land, anything can happen. But when four students are pulled into a mysterious parallel dimension, things get weird, even for them. 

Can a ninja-in-training, a beauty-obsessed idol, a guy with a big mech and a demon trapped in the body of a small girl save the day? Or will they be stuck in this weird dimension forever? Listen to find out!

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