Jan 062021
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Blaseball. It’s Almerica’s pastime. There’s nothing like spending an afternoon at the blall park and watching your favorite team play.

But blaseball is different for the men, women and objects that play it. For the up-and-coming Oshkosh Donut Holes, it’s a cutthroat splort. Every time they step out onto the field could be their last. 

Follow us as we see the trials and tribulations of this team, both on and off the field. They’ll have to conquer their fears if they want to advance. But anything can happen in blaseball. Even the impossible.

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Dec 092020
Amerinomicon Art

Their mission done, the group sets out from Los Angeles on the long ride back home to New York City. The ride west was dangerous. Why would the ride back east be any different?

Will the group actually be able to make it home? Or will this be the finally leg of their journey? Listen to find out!

Nov 252020
Amerinomicon Art

It seems their mission worked. And even more unbelievably, they survived.

Now the group convalesces and tries to see what they’ve accomplished

Sorry for the short episode. It just kind of worked out that way this time!

Nov 182020
Dueling Gods Path Art

With their newly minted Smeriff in tow, the posse sets out to get the Ranger some pants, and then to investigate the strange tower being built in the center of town.

What will they find when they get there? Will they be able to stop the apocalypse and save the world? And just how much power does a smeriff have, anyway? Listen to find out!

Nov 112020
Amerinomicon Art

The bomb has been set. Now, the group of unlikely heroes just needs to get off the cursed island of R’lyeh before it detonates. 

Will they be able to escape the city? Will their mission be successful, or will they be foiled by Cthulhu’s forces? Listen to find out!