Jun 062018

This week brings us a one-shot session of The Sprawl (which Ryan for us on his birthday).

Three men have been hired to steal the pieces to manufacture super-advanced computer chips from a corporation. In order to do so, they’ll just have to figure out how to get past the enormous security presence, into a clean room and into a safe that is only opened on rare occasions.

Can these three manage to pull it off and make a clean getaway? Or will they have to get their hands dirty? Listen to find out!

Jun 082016

In a cyberpunk future where many state governments have privatized, a group of independent contractors eke out a living on the Missouri side of Kansas City. Rook is an expert driver, a wheelman who need not be behind the wheel because his car’s controls are wired directly into his brain. Smoke is a professional infiltrator and part-time hacker, the kind of guy who knows his way around corporate blacksites in the real world and The Matrix. Chuckles is a veteran killer in the Missouri Militia who served in the border war with KansasCorp, and has had his memories of service removed to dampen his post-traumatic stress disorder. Finally, Mack is a private soldier-for-hire who knows how to take the lead in tough situations. When a contact named Mr. Knight hires them to break into the research campus of PentaTech in order to retrieve an experimental server, they take the job, but is the team biting off more than they can chew? Listen to find out!