Apr 082015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

Or, “DIEgesis!”

This week’s FATE-powered one-shot was inspired by the Adult Swim short “Too Many Cooks,” a genre-bending, postmodern take on ’80s sitcom intros that evolves from a series of cute sight gags into a mind-bending meditation on narrative conventions. Family man Darren Cook has gotten himself into a real pickle–the bowling league championship is on the same night as his wedding anniversary, and his wife is expecting him to take her on a romantic date! In a ploy that can only lead to madcap hijinks, he decides to take her to the restaurant next door to the bowling alley so that he can do both, without telling his wife or his bowling buddies! Hilarity soon turns to horror when he returns to the restaurant after a successful frame and finds that his wife and the maître d have been butchered by an unknown assailant. It soon becomes evident that the killer is out to destroy the entire Cook clan, and only Darren, his wacky neighbor who thinks he’s a robot, their police captain bowling partner and his sentient overcoat can stop him. Can they figure out the murderer’s motives and put an end to his killing spree before he turns the next family reunion into a mass funeral? Listen to find out!