Apr 082015
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Or, “DIEgesis!”

This week’s FATE-powered one-shot was inspired by the Adult Swim short “Too Many Cooks,” a genre-bending, postmodern take on ’80s sitcom intros that evolves from a series of cute sight gags into a mind-bending meditation on narrative conventions. Family man Darren Cook has gotten himself into a real pickle–the bowling league championship is on the same night as his wedding anniversary, and his wife is expecting him to take her on a romantic date! In a ploy that can only lead to madcap hijinks, he decides to take her to the restaurant next door to the bowling alley so that he can do both, without telling his wife or his bowling buddies! Hilarity soon turns to horror when he returns to the restaurant after a successful frame and finds that his wife and the maître d have been butchered by an unknown assailant. It soon becomes evident that the killer is out to destroy the entire Cook clan, and only Darren, his wacky neighbor who thinks he’s a robot, their police captain bowling partner and his sentient overcoat can stop him. Can they figure out the murderer’s motives and put an end to his killing spree before he turns the next family reunion into a mass funeral? Listen to find out!

  • Erik


  • Omega


    At first, I thought Slasher Flick would play better for this, but all the weird genre bending stuff works better for a FATE game.

    • That was my take on it. I was more excited about the characters having some control over the game’s Aspects, and being able to take on new Aspects and Stunts of their own through their encounters in different genres, than I was about the killer chasing them. I decided he couldn’t be killed until he was pinned into the story by uncovering his Aspects to make him more of a threat, and give them some reason to investigate around.

      If I had it to do over again, I probably would make a note to myself to spend more Fate points on the killer’s behalf. I was rolling like shit, and I always forget that NPCs have points to spend, too.

  • Nextlevel2

    Since I really suck at giving advice on game mechanisms, I am one who never follows the rules and makes up my own shit along the way, I will definitely tell you how this episode had me intrigued in every way possible…

    First off, this is probably one of the most playfully entertaining scripts I’ve heard yet, with the use of sitcom sound effects and “on call” puns (which is extremely difficult) and the cross-genres, I could spend all day showing my appreciation to this kind of creative imagery.

    I think a few times everyone got caught up with the rolls, correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure that’ll be a playground for RPG enthusiasts to dissect haha 🙂

    I’ll also say this about Chris, I love his attitude lol… Rag-NERD-rok is an equal offending employer, everyone on the show, no matter who it is, is going to do something that could offend anyone listening, if you nitpicked yourselves adjusting to everyone’s individual complaints you’d have a bland and tasteless recording to offer the public. The true fans and listeners love the hosts for who they are, not who we want them to be.

    That being said, great episode of a one shot 🙂

    • Chris

      Oh man, what did I say?

      • Nextlevel2

        Nothing at all, you’re cool as hell – you have to ignore me sometimes,
        just me being a little mischievous hehe >:-)…
        my grandmother didn’t nickname me Dennis the Menace for nothing 😉

  • 2, of course!

    that was even weirder than the short, well done. I feel like I had something else to say, but it’s evaporated. yaaay for more Chris

  • Ass over teakettle? I learned something today.

  • Chados

    1 & 2!

    I don’t know why I ignored the original TMC and UFoaB- I finally watched them, and holy fuck.

    I think you guys did the shorts justice, and the sitcom sound effects were a nice addition. Great work, Ryan and everybody. Shut the fuck up, Coat!

    • Erik

      Coat wanted me to let you know that his humor’s not as bad as it might seam.

      • Chados

        … 3

      • Omega

        That’s definitely a 3 line.

  • Bayne

    Definitely one of the most hilarious role playing casts I’ve heard in a while. Ingenious how everything fits together like a puzzle from charecter development to dialogue and the twists. I don’t think I heard another RPG platform like this one or heard one as enjoyable. Closest podcast might be Nerd Poker or Adventure zone but you’all improvise in a more relatable fashion. The belching guy needs to be on The Guiness World Records show- shouldn’t let that hidden talent go to waste, he could be infamous one day like Paul Hunn LOL. I need to subscribe RSS feed for new episodes and keep up with new campaigns in the future.

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