Mar 082017

Scribbledelphia: a cartoon city where everything is bright and colorful, and the work goes to the newest and flashiest CGI animations. Hand-drawn cartoons are left to fade into black and white, and then obscurity. Everything in the city is alive, except for poor government official Billy Button, who was found dead underneath a piano in Barberatown.

Now, it’s up to the five people who were closest to Billy Button to find out who put the eraser to him and bring his killer to justice. There’s Gruffs McKenzie, the bloodhound private-eye and Billy Button’s former lover; Freddy Fingers, a Pixe Towers mobster and Billy Button’s cousin; Bella DiBall, Billy Button’s estranged mother — a depressed, drunk┬áprincess with a retinue of happy and singing animal helpers; Duke, the owner of Duke Pianos and many clubs in Scribbledelphia, and a friend of Billy Button; and Jack Sassafras; a vaudevillian performer that Billy Button’s loved so much that he ran his fan club.

Will the five unlikely companions be able to figure out who erased Billy Button and why? Or are they going to wind up rubbed out themselves?

Oct 122016

NOTE: To skip the Setup portion of the game, start listening at 0:55:00.

The city of Arcadia is a refuge for mythical creatures from the mundane world. Here, elves rub elbows with revenants, lycanthropes strike power deals with gnomes, and no humans are allowed. When prominent werewolf Richard Moreland is murdered in the Fae downtown district, a trio of hard-boiled characters must come together to solve the crime. O’Brien, a down-and-out redcap who was dismissed from his job as a homicide detective after dipping his hat in one too many crime scenes, discovers the body and the only witness, a kobold named Kevin. Carl, a spirit bound to a decaying corpse by a nefarious necromancer, receives a mysterious package from Moreland’s secretary, and sets out to decipher its meaning. Finally, Zane is a street magician who sees Moreland as his shot at fame and fortune, sets out to discover who spoiled his big break. When the investigation leads them to Vinnie the Cat, a local crime lord and nightclub owner, they soon discover that the murder has far more angles than they previously thought, and that the way things shake out could shape the city’s political future. Can they find the culprit and see justice done, or will they instead find themselves buried in lonely graves by the roadside? Listen to find out!