Jul 132016
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We’re back, with a Fiasco inspired by Valve’s Portal series! At the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, the AI programmers are hard at work trying to bring their boss Cave Johnson’s dreams of digital immortality to life. Drs. Helena Carlyle and Phillip Reingold, two members of the elite team of GLaDOS programmers, are a bit out of sorts after their project’s first test activation took a potentially deadly turn. For unknown reasons, Helena has been tasked with trying to seduce the Materials Science Sphere, while Phil finds himself competing with Tape Dispenser 437, a robotic arm that was slowly upgraded and given sentience over the course of four decades, for his job as an AI programmer. Meanwhile, Mat and Aperture’s genius-level janitor Franklin are manufacturing a stockpile of deadly neurotoxin for…experimental purposes. When they begin to suspect that Tape-y has augmented itself to superhuman levels of intelligence, Helena and Phil rush to stop it from (maybe?) taking over the facility and (potentially?) ending human life as we know it. However, it soon becomes clear that Franklin harbors deep-rooted paternal feelings for the Aperture AIs, and that he’ll sink to threats, blackmail and possibly even murder to keep his robotic children safe. Can two scientists save The Enrichment Center (and everybody inside it) from techno-armageddon, or will their attempt turn into a complete Fiasco?

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Oct 042011

I really love “Portal.” Like, a lot. Hearing GLaDOS criticize me while I try to complete her myriad test chambers just warms my heart. So when I find some Portal-related goodness, I like to share it with as many people as I can. And boy, do I have some Portal-y goodness for you all!

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