May 052021
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Editor’s Note: Sorry about the delay this week, folks. We had some technical difficulties. They have been properly whipped and have paid the Blood Price for their transgressions.

We’re here with a new campaign! Or maybe it’s an old campaign. It’s hard to tell how time works these days.

The players of Uncle Jerzbleen’s Hippodrome Fantastique are on the road to their next performance, but they get waylaid by traffic. And trees. 

Even traffic jams are spectacular in the world of the fae. How will the players overcome the obstacles this time? Listen to find out!

Oct 232019

It is the night of the annual Halloween festival at the Court of Shadows in Fairyland, and no celebration is complete without a circus! The Jersbleen Bros. Hippodrome Fantastique arrives at the castle only to find that the Queen of Whispers has ordered all humans or fae beholden to their fellows to be brought to her immediately. She owes a tithe to Old Scratch, and he and his demonic retinue will arrive shortly to collect. 

Can they work out a deal with the devil before all Hell breaks loose? Listen to find out!