Sep 302020
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Join us for another playtest of Alex’s in-development game, Longshot!

The first four people on Mars need to work together to survive. They’ll have to face dust storms, malfunctioning toilets, bad news from home, and each other if they want to survive. 

Also, lots of samples of dirt.

Apr 242019
Rag-NERD-rok Logo

This week, we have a special alpha test of a new game that Alex is creating. 

Four astronauts are the first humans to ever set foot on Mars. They are the best of the best, but there are challenges to face. They’ll have to deal with equipment failure, an incredibly hostile environment and the issues that arise between them if they want to complete their mission and get off the Red Planet alive. 

“Longshot” is a cooperative storytelling game about overcoming those obstacles and successfully carrying out the mission. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, this episode was mixed and edited by Alex (instead of Ryan, like usual). So if there’s a problem with the audio, blame Erik! But also let us know.

(Editor’s note: Alex here. I came up with the name “Longshot” after the recording, which is why I talk about having to name it in the episode. Don’t get confused!)

Dec 122012


In this game, we take on the roles of our enemies in The Prometheus Syndicate. Our goal is to capture and secure a specially-designed farcaster located in the long-abandoned Zrbny mining facility in the asteroid belt. During The Fall, Zrbny shut down for eight days, only to mysteriously come back online with no mention of the interruption of service. Since then, no one has set foot on the asteroid where it is located, and Ash, the station’s public relations AGI, warns off any ships that approach too closely. Those who fail to heed the warning quickly learn just how heavily armed the facility’s defense system is. Moreover, the station has run completely on automation for the past ten years, a fact that has led the wary locals to refer to the place as Zombieland. Can a scum machinist, a demolitions expert and a bitter AGI construct infiltrate Zombieland and wrest control from Ash, or will they join the ranks of the foolhardy adventure seekers who thought they could beat the odds? Listen to find out!

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