Aug 272014
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The brave band of Nettlers set off on their quest to save their dying hometown! First, they decide to journey north toward the mouth of the Chillfinger River, in hopes of restoring its flow and returning the town’s water supply. They learn that a tribe of ogres has dammed the river somewhere upstream, possibly at the behest of an outside force. Before they set off, however, they’ll have to deal with a traitor at the bandit camp whose loyalty still lies with the corrupt nobleman who runs the town. What perils will they face in the north? What magic sustains the plants and animals of the forest while leaving the citizens of Nettle to die of thirst? What’s going on between Gilda the Griffin and Taeros the shapeshifting Elf? And, seriously, what’s with Avon’s voice? Listen in to this week’s Dungeon World adventure to find out!Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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