Sep 102014
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In this week’s Call of Cthulhu adventure, Frank, Jamie, Augie, Dr. Pepper and Sheila take refuge at an FBI safe house, but stumble on the aftermath of a horrific murder. It seems a local horse rancher has burned down his barn after trapping his late wife inside. The man insists that some kind of shadow creature had crawled into her eyes and taken control of her body. Now, the team must get to the bottom of this mythos mystery before the creatures stalking this isolated ranch house claim another victim. But is this case of possession all that it seems, or are there other forces at play? Can the investigators learn the truth? And who is the shadowy figure that lurks just outside the house? Listen to find out!

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  • Whyco

    Poor Frank. From one mythos encounter to the next with no breaks, every encounter is a mind-shredding, flesh-scarring trevail. I dread to see hear the episode where they swing by the shops for a TV dinner… the horror….

  • crawlkill

    oh, man. that scene at the beginning with Lundi. that was pure gold. the fucking damaged face. the fucking naming him Frank. people would’ve won Oscars. I think that’s what’s sometimes missing from tabletop, is GMs who’ll construct a moment that will actually paralyze their players.

    also Sheila’s great! whatever her player’s name is. if it’s any compensation, I have to think really hard to remember some of the boys’ names sometimes, and it’s been years. she does a great job of being the “practical let’s move things forward” person without feeling like she’s breaking character, failing to take the scenario seriously or impatient as a player. really fun. you guys should get her into a Fiasco, if you can dare show her that side of yourselves.

    • That was all Ed and Chris, conspiring behind the scenes. I have to agree that it was a great creepy scene with ingenious details. I have never been more uncomfortable playing Frank.

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