Oct 082014
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With the tribe of savage ogres defeated and bound to their service, the brave heroes of Nettle turn their attention to more pressing matters. If they want to un-dam the river, restoring water to their parched hometown, they’ll have to negotiate terms with the council of nature spirits responsible for the drought. In addition, they’ll have their first encounter with one of the other perils plaguing the area since the notorious chili cook-off: an infestation of spicy ground beef golems, both with beans and without. Can they overcome the fearsome creations of Kneel the Chili-mancer, broker a peace with a trio of flirtatious dryads and (eventually) save Nettle from certain doom? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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  • Nextlevel2

    Ryan, you’re so passionate about this, I can tell. You’ll be wonderful at writing a book, a great story teller. Can I say (and ignore my ignorance thus afterwards bc I haven’t completely kept up with this in particular game) but you’re missing a wicked witch somewhere. Call me crazy but I’m obsessed with wicked witches hahaha ;-). Great job you guys at the acting, mad props for that.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I think the closest we get to a wicked witch in this campaign is Avon’s character’s landlady, the old sorceress who owns the decrepit ruin where he’s been studying wizardry for the past decade. She’s not so much wicked as she is aloof and distant from human concerns, but she does want back rent from Avon for all the time he spent living in her library.

      So that’s fun.

  • crawlkill

    that was indeed a very good insane jealous loser ex

    mighta brought up invasive species as a concept in negotiating with the dryads, that the humans were obviously just another part of the environment before and it was only the introduction of the orcs rabbits-into-Australia style that was disrupting the ecosystem

  • Erik

    That guy who did the opening for this episode sounds like a real cool guy with a great beard.

  • Omega

    forward means just to the next roll, ongoing is for effects which persist while whatever is ongoing goes on. Otherwise, pretty good fight with the chili golems. I love how Pendril goes about beheading ogres (in more ways than one, heyo!) and freeing slaves in one session, to embodying the typical stereotype of a Bard the next, poncing about in the woods playing a song while his friends fight a desperate battle.

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