Apr 012015
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PRELUDE: Rolling Up A MysteryNew Punishments ◊ Cecil Gets Some Sleep ◊ The Prisoner in The Basement ◊ Graveyard Ghost Party ◊ Teddy Gets Possessed ◊ Down In A Hole, Yet Again ◊ Bargaining with Barry Toink ◊ Operation: Rescue ◊ Unwelcome Insights and Impromptu Exorcisms ◊ In Flagrante Delicto ◊ The Awful Truth ◊ Confronting the Responsible Parties ◊ Dr. Davenfirth [sic] Departs

NOTE: The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor is still on indefinite hiatus. However, Chris has finished his second round of treatments and will once again be able to join us at the table, so we will be running intermittent sessions until The Nettle Crusades wraps, at which point Candlewick will resume regular updates.

In this frightful episode, our cast of bizarre foundlings are thrown into an investigation which may spell ruin for some of their most treasured relationships. Someone at the Candlewick Home has been holding Dr. Candlewick’s daughter, Wisteria, prisoner in a makeshift basement rubber room, keeping her drugged with powerful narcotics. During their quest to discover the culprit and his (or her) unspeakable reasons for doing this, the orphans will be forced to confront one of their housemates who has regained the use of his commanding telepathic voice, and little Noch will unwittingly provoke a confrontation with the graveyard ghosts from the family cemetery. Can Duncan, Karl, Dotty, Noch, Cecil and Jareth get to the bottom of this mystery, rescue Wisteria and defeat Barry, or will they end up prisoners themselves? More importantly, what will become of Noch’s teddy bear? Listen to find out!

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  • Dran

    wow that was something also for a note when supernatural powers deal damage to normal people they deal scars and not shocks, creepy kids are protected more from the supernatural than humans so it will only deal shocks to them. so all the damage Noch did to Dr. Davenfirth will never heal so he losses those dice for good.

  • NextLevel2

    What @Dran said does make complete sense.

    On a side note, welcome back Chris 🙂 , it was nice hearing the whole gang back together (despite Ed’s few absences,and Derek). This episode had an original early Rag-NERD-rok feel which I loved because it goes back to the roots and history of what your all about 🙂
    I was in laughter most of the time and enjoyed the listen very much.

  • CHRIIIS I hope the treatment’s going okay

    man, that really was a turn on a tonal dime

  • Chris

    Thanks nextLevel, its good to be back! The treatments did go Ok crawlkill, which is, I think, the best that could be expected. They are almost certainly done, though not officially until an upcoming catscan.

  • Dran

    when will you guys run/post more of candlewick stuff?

    • New Candlewick should hopefully be happening by the end of the summer. I’ve got a big Back to School game planned to open up some new quests and such, an even an idea for a (gasp!) overarching plot, so it should be fun, and a bit more directed than what we’ve done so far.

  • Chados

    I hope Noch never gets rid of the ghosts, since the ghosts have been the most awesome part of this campaign. 😀

    The Mystery worked pretty well, even with the Em-Nite-Shamalamalan-style twist!

    “A fucking surprise party of ghosts…” So good.

    I hope Chris is still doing well after hearing and reading about his treatments during this campaign.

    • I live with Chris now and, as far as I know, he’s doing well! Except for constantly throwing balled-up newspaper at me. I hate that.

    • Chris

      I am doing much better, just over two years cancer free! Thanks for asking Chados.

    • Chados

      Good to hear, Chrizis!

      Well, it’s better than burning toilet paper, ACos.

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