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The stage is set for The Nettlers (and Taeros) to recapture their beleaguered hometown from the clutches of orc mercenaries. Taeros and Barnabas head for the manor house in search of Pendrel and Brinton, but instead encounter a deadly orc assassin. Meanwhile, Bohrs and Avon deal with the corrupt captain of the guard, in hopes that his men will rally to the cause of freeing the village once he is out of the way. Finally, Brinton and Pendrel discover that the town’s only hope for survival may be hidden away in a secret room in the home of Dr. Freddy and Daliah, Brinton and Bohrs’ profiteering parents. Can The Nettlers (and Taeros) free the townspeople, save the city, and survive the magical onslaught of the orc shamans? Find out in this week’s episode of our ongoing Dungeon World campaign!Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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  • Nextlevel2

    Can I say how crisp and clear sounding everything was?! It sounded as if you bought a brand new microphone, I liked that because I’m an auditorial person instictually and I squirm with dead air and I love to hear the background when there’s no talking, dead air is uncomfortable and I think your microphone is perfect for that 🙂
    As well as the descriptions and script, let you mind, I’ve heard Dungeon world is technically very strategic and intricate in nature so focusing on the more imaginative aspects makes it easier for you guys so as not to get too caught up in the skeletal production which you can get flustered and aggrevated with ease.

    Oooohh, and the singing here was crazy hahaha, I don’t even think anyone was drunk except on life!
    Let’s see what else about this episode…..
    Edd’s Cockney accent, which I call the ghetto England accent, executed precisely, Johnny Depp is known for doing it in most his movies, Pirates of the Caribbean and Sweeny todd and others.
    Eric is adorable haha, he sounds too far away though on the recordings, not sure if he just furthest away or something.
    Derek is back, nice sense of humor
    Ryan is definitely the director, always does a great job,
    Meyer, James and Chris crack me up, I definitely miss Chris in the sessions and I hope the best for him.
    Alex is the glue that binds everyone…
    Did I miss someone?! If I did I apologize. I try to mention everyone ooooooooo and crawkill, he’s awesome, I love reading his comments!!
    Thought I say that not to show favoritism because everyone is equally great 🙂
    Peace out.

  • Chados

    Where do the Nettlers (and Taeros) go from here?! I guess I will tune in to find out in the next exciting episode!

  • Omega

    “We’re scared when Ryan rolls dice”

    Well guys, I have a story for you… (and technically, it still applies. Ryan can make you roll the damage dice for yourselves, he doesn’t have to. Special MC privilege)

    But seriously, this is a great session, you guys really all get into the swing of the roleplay and the whole thing has a very movie-like structure. Sometimes you try to refocus it, but honestly, I think the game and the setting is both more interesting and compelling (in addition to funnier) if orc (or is it ork?) magic is all done by them performing 60s and 70s pop music. You can only reinvent Lord of the Rings so many times (plus the Nettle setting was already in a Fiasco, I mean).

    There are some flaws in the pseudo-initiative system (as evidenced by Avon having trouble sticking to the fiction of his counterspell because he was going all before all the orcs, when really, he could just sit back and wait for Ryan to make a hard move, either because somebody botches it or just nobody does anything for a while), but considering it’s a big ol’ combat, everybody sorted it out pretty good. Meyer really should roll his arcane art each time though, even if he’s doing the same thing, not just because it’s only a forward, but because Pendrell isn’t as engaged or engaging in a fight. Plus, y’know, more hard moves for Ryan or partial hits. Which is always fun. For me. And probably for Ryan. And it’s easier for you if you have fun doing it because, well, you’re gonna roll a lot of them over time, that’s probability. (Though in general, I’d wager you guys were trying to push through the fight pretty hard because it was a bit of a clusterfuck, which is why you weren’t paying as close attention to the wording of the moves)

    Not sure what triggered it, but another bit of *W trivia, when dealing with “question asking” moves, like Discern Realities (or the very important Read a Sitch / Person in AW), you can technically ask any question you like, though the MC or other player is not required to answer questions not on the list (unless you have the Advanced move for it)

    (I’d also note, in response to my comments about the mechanics of the fight, big combats in AW is way easier than DW, since a mob of guys is just a single unit, with it’s own Harm, and you can just Seize By Force and be like “I seize the battle by force”, and when you roll a 10+ it can be like “I suffer little harm, I seize definite hold of it, and I inflict terrible harm” and you can trounce the mob hard enough that they’re clearly losing while not being too beat up yourself in like, one roll, but that’s not a great thing for a D&D retroclone)

    • Omega

      So, another little thing I did over this campaign, was imagine how it easily it would play out as an Apocalypse World campaign, what with the geographic focus and all the political wheeling and dealing. Pendrell is the (unwilling) Skinner former sex-slave to mutant hillfolk, who mostly socializes and plays music and occasionally shoots or stabs things. Barnabus is a Touchstone, kicking ass in combat and trying to have people do better with his symbol of hope (with an Angel move in there for healing hands). Avon is like a Brainer, he has disconcerting abilities and people often don’t like him and ran him out of town. Brinton is that weird hocus guy, always talking about his spider god and the “world wide web” and occasionally he does weird stuff and knows things he shouldn’t. Taeros is harder, but given his role in the group as dispensing wise advise, speaking with things that normally don’t speak and being a general tool-kit, he’d probably fit in as some weird Savvyhead, and instead of turning into animals, he’d make things. Bohrs is also harder, but given that, in general his role in the party was limited to staying cool and shooting things, he’d probably be a battlebabe. The orcs are just some mercenary ex-raiders, and the Lord is just the holder of the hardhold who is related to some other important holding somewhere with lots of guys who’ll kick your shit. Ogres are the mutants in the hills, and the dryads are those weird psychic bitches who live in the radioactive forest.

      Pipeweed is pipeweed.

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