Dec 172014
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The stage is set for The Nettlers (and Taeros) to recapture their beleaguered hometown from the clutches of orc mercenaries. Taeros and Barnabas head for the manor house in search of Pendrel and Brinton, but instead encounter a deadly orc assassin. Meanwhile, Bohrs and Avon deal with the corrupt captain of the guard, in hopes that his men will rally to the cause of freeing the village once he is out of the way. Finally, Brinton and Pendrel discover that the town’s only hope for survival may be hidden away in a secret room in the home of Dr. Freddy and Daliah, Brinton and Bohrs’ profiteering parents. Can The Nettlers (and Taeros) free the townspeople, save the city, and survive the magical onslaught of the orc shamans? Find out in this week’s episode of our ongoing Dungeon World campaign!Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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