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Beyond The Great Pine Forests of the North, beneath the jagged Knifecrag Mountains, there lies a treacherous maze of caves and tunnels known across the kingdom of Wohlsenshire as The Throatcutter’s Caverns. In order to reach the lair of the dracolich Isadora, The Nettlers must first brave the dangers within, including slave-driving deep elves and an unearthly magical force that permeates every chamber. As The Nettlers explore this dreaded subterranean labyrinth,  they’ll find themselves confronted with the perils and curious offerings from the deep–but do these magical gifts come with strings attached? Plus, we reveal more about the party’s (counter)revolutionary activities over the past eight months, and Barnabas, their lost paladin, returns, bearing the scars of his time in exile. Will The Nettlers find what they’re looking for in The Throatcutter’s Caverns, or will something truly unspeakable find them first? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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  • ahahah oh man yeah the one-round CAH totally worked

    never occurred to me until this moment how horrifically racist it is to have the dark-skinned elves be the ones who take slaves. like…who okayed that. who.

    • While I don’t think that’s what Gary and Dave (or whoever originally came up with the idea that Drow have dark skin and raid the surface for slaves) intended, seeing as they based the dark elves on folklore, I do see your point. Those are assumptions that I ported over to Dungeon World without really thinking much about it, even though the DW rules never explicitly say that the deep elves have dark skin, or that they take slaves. I probably should have given the matter more careful consideration before I made the traditional depiction of deep elves canon in my game, because it is problematic like that.

      • oh, I didn’t mean it as a criticism of you guys, just as a “whoa, that’s, like, a really historically fucked up fantasy trope” moment. I’m no teen tumblrite to get angry or offended over this shit, only mentioned it because I was shocked at having never noticed it myself until this random-ass podcast.

        • Alex

          “teen tumblrite” is now one of my favorite descriptors.

          • it’s usefully dismissive but also helps me, at least, keep from finding them too obnoxious. I’m sure I could be almost as shrill ten years ago. it’s the whole “agree with what you have to say but will attack to the death your right to say it” Stoppard principle, but that kind of annoyance is sorta wasted on kids.

        • NextLevel2

          It’s all about perspective…

          Originally djins (genies) were thought of as demons now they’re benevolent and grant 3 wishes, women used to be indirectly associated with the devil (Eve enticing Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, witches originally were all thought of as women, Satan is even depicted as a hermaphrodite or half man half women in antique portraits as well as in the movie “The Passion of Christ”). Originally elves had this same implication, they were thought of as creatures with magical powers who looked beautiful to the eye and caused people harm.

          Now a days” the origin” of these fantasy creatures have completely merged into a different sphere.

          • Omega

            Actually, most of the earlier lore on Djinn depicts them as an entirely separate free-willed race, who have the capacity to be good or evil, like Humans. Some of them joined Satan and are associated with demons, but otherwise they’re just guys from Djinnistan. It’s just that because the folkloric move was to be sealed up in something for a bajillion years that lots of them were cranky when they got out. Both of the archetypal Djinni from Aladdin (and yes, there are two in the original story) are probably best ascribed as “Neutral”. I’d argue most early folklore on Elves is similar until we started associating elves with the fairies, i/e the Fair Folk. The Norse may have had a clear divide with light elves and dark elves which could be seen as a reinterpretation of Christian angel/demon duology. Otherwise it seems like light elves served the purpose of being hot ladies heroes could bang and have cool half-elf children who are just better with.

            But you’re right, comparative mythology and linguistic or cultural drift tends to warp original context of mythology. This is why sometimes a little research is neat.

      • Omega

        The classic folklore on the “Svartalfar” (which does literally mean “Black Elves”) and Dokkalfar (dark elves) is a huge confusion anyway. Black Elves, Dark Elves and Dwarves may all be the same thing, for instance, since they all live in the same world and are ascribed similar qualities.

        Personally, I wouldn’t hold it against whoever wrote/transcribed the original Eddas (who being from the north might never have met any people of color) other than that it showcases early problems with understanding of the universe. Obviously light is cool so the “light” people are cool, but if you live down in the dark underground you’d be dark colored and possibly evil because caves are bad (yes they are). Or maybe it was christian dualist influence. I don’t think there are many humans who are literally “black as pitch” anyway.

        That being said, this is probably why depictions of drow lean toward hues of purple or gray now, to avoid unfortunate implications. Slavery is a generic “evil” society quality in fantasy.

        • yeah, I’ve always pictured drow as chalky grey-black. still a little unfortunate, though. and remember all those old Drizzt novel covers where it was literally a white-haired-but-otherwise-African-lookin dude on the cover? probably nnnot the right place to inject a little diversity. then again, Drizzt did seem pretty boss back before puberty, so maybe it coulda been worse.

          also I hadn’t finished the episode on my earlier comment and now I have and I really love the Dark Towerish metagameyness of the masks, way fun, Ryan. and I also immediately went and grabbed that Ascension finale off RPPR’s community podcast, which is coming on riiight now.

  • Omega

    I feel like I’ve made my “u wot m8” joke before, so in reference to Alex’s comments, just roll back through the archives to find it.

    If Discordia is the opposite of Harmonia, shouldn’t Barnabus have changed his alignment to Chaotic, not Evil? Though it still works if you’re going for this nebulous nuclear chaos/Azathoth thing. Same thing with the sweet 8-fold chaos symbol, bro.

    Technically speaking, Discordia and Harmonia are both “real” mythological goddesses, with Discordia being the Latin form of Eris and Harmonia the original Greek goddess of harmony and unity (In Latin that’s Concordia). There is also another greek goddess associated with Concordia called “Homonoia”, who represented oneness of mind and unanimity – which also strongly fits the description of the Harmonic Cult. Either goddess (or the singular, for the Romans) is opposed by Eris/Discordia, goddess of Strife. Homonia also sometimes has a sibling, Arete, who is the personification of virtue, excellence and purpose, which if you want to switch from a dualist system to a divine trinity makes a good neutral slot god(dess). Discordia is a feminine name, while my Greek isn’t as strong, in Latin the “-a” ending is a good sign of a feminine name or noun.

    (Not that you guys need any help, but I think it would be hilarious if the whole people’s revolution and resulting conflicts was a Discordian plot to increase strife, because a lot of the revolutionaries, democratic as they are, are doing a poor job of harmony and civic unity)

    • Omega

      Also, even if Discordia isn’t a female deity, somebody should make fun of it for having a girls name.

    • Omega

      So, on the subject of Custom Moves (which is a great sequence, BTW. Topped out over the flashbacks and talking about punk rock and/or nu metal deep elves), they don’t have to include a roll. They can be [when you do a thing] roll dice, on a 10+ hit, 7-9 partial hit, 6- miss (and You don’t need special miss conditions for everything, because the MC makes as hard a move as they like). Or they can be [when you do a thing] a [thing] happens. Or [when you a do a thing] some [other thing happens].

      A good example is from the original AW, talking about a “sneak” custom move (since there isn’t one) which is like on a 10+ you get both, on a 7-9 pick one and on a Miss you get none, and the options are like “You get in” and “You’re undetected”. This also really works for a perspective of a Hacking move. However, you could also make it so other stuff happens. For example, speaking to dead could just be literally speaking to the dead (Like the spell) or “you can see and talk to ghosts” which isn’t a thing everybody can do.

    • Chados

      Omega, did you just reply to yourself twice? 🙂 Good point about some moves not necessarily needing a roll to use.

      Are you guys taking +1 forward to rolls for the rest of combat, or do you mean +1 ongoing? Just checking, Ryan- I think you always say “+1 forward”. It’s just something I’ve wondered.

      A couple months ago I was wondering what flipped the town/revolution on its head, now the PCs are all messed up as well.

      Man, some really good episodes lately- been catching up with your Eclipse Phase, so I’m a bit behind with the current stuff.

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