Nov 302016
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Walter Thimbleson was an unassuming beet farmer until the day that Yntos, the God of Spite and Curses, appeared to him and revealed that he was the last of the deity’s chosen bloodline. Now, as a formidable evil Paladin, Walter wanders the countryside, profaning other gods and proselytizsing at Yntos’ behest. T’mek X. Lefwo was a salamander who respected the traditions of his village, until a devastating war left many of his friends, relatives and neighbors dead. Now, after dueling his former chieftain and stealing his battle helmet, he follows Walter, wreaking chaos and destruction wherever they go. Bjorn was a dwarven cleric of the forge goddess Minja, until the weapon he crafted led the would-be queen he crafted it for to ignominious defeat. Now exiled from his home in Valkonia, he, too, follows Walter, seeking the ancient rituals and relics that will help him redeem himself and trying to save T’mek from Walter’s corrupting influence. When the three of them enter the desert town of Asala Ilu, Walter’s god charges him with a holy quest: to find the god of destiny and call them an asshole to their face. However, Walter has preached the word of Yntos in Asala Ilu before, and is quickly confronted by a group of holy paupers who want to have a word with him over the insults he hurled at their goddess. Can this mismatched party of un-heroes fight off the wrapped priests of Tharc and escape the goddess’ deadly vengeance, or will they find themselves in deeper trouble than they possibly could have imagined?

This campaign was created using The Perilous Wilds supplement for Dungeon World by Jason Lutes and Jeremy Strandberg. If you would like to hear the set-up for this session, you can listen in here.

–> Next Episode: “The Sand Trap”

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