Dec 072016
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After taking refuge from the sandstorm in the temple of the angry desert goddess Tharc, Walter, T’mek and Baldwin realize that it was probably a terrible idea when the doors slam shut behind them and the entire building begins sinking into the sand. Now, they have nowhere to go but down, into the labyrinthine corridors of Tharc’s previous temples, all of which were reclaimed by Her divine desert. If they want to escape being crushed in collapsing rooms, buried alive in sand, stabbed by the holy wrapped priests who are also trapped with them, or any number of other gruesome fates, they’ll have to discover a way out before Tharc’s wrath catches up with them. Fenfaril, an elfin wizard who was recently expelled from The WAHA! College of Magic & Dramatic Arts in Asala Ilu, will join them on their quest after waking up from a days-long bender in the vengeful clutches of the holy monks. Can Walter and friends find an exit before the temple is completely destroyed? Listen to find out!

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