Dec 072016

After taking refuge from the sandstorm in the temple of the angry desert goddess Tharc, Walter, T’mek and Baldwin realize that it was probably a terrible idea when the doors slam shut behind them and the entire building begins sinking into the sand. Now, they have nowhere to go but down, into the labyrinthine corridors of Tharc’s previous temples, all of which were reclaimed by Her divine desert. If they want to escape being crushed in collapsing rooms, buried alive in sand, stabbed by the holy wrapped priests who are also trapped with them, or any number of other gruesome fates, they’ll have to discover a way out before Tharc’s wrath catches up with them. Fenfaril, an elfin wizard who was recently expelled from The WAHA! College of Magic & Dramatic Arts in Asala Ilu, will join them on their quest after waking up from a days-long bender in the vengeful clutches of the holy monks. Can Walter and friends find an exit before the temple is completely destroyed? Listen to find out!

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  • Trainshaman

    I fell off from listening to you guys during Stray Thoughts cause that
    wasn’t really my jam, but I am really having fun with this game. DW
    combat is still too close to D&D for my tastes, but everything else
    aside from that has been a good time.

    • Glad you’re liking it so far! The next few sessions are more exploration-focused, if I recall correctly, with a bunch of character interaction to smooth over the bits where I’m rolling on the random tables to figure out what they encounter.

      Walter, T’mek and Fenfaril do get themselves into and out of more than a few scrapes, but they somehow manage to keep going.

  • Unit Omega

    “A soft ‘waha!'”

  • Chados

    Wa-HA! Missing Paul in this one, but Meyer’s new Punk wizard is pretty cool.

    Not a big complaint, but Ryan, some of your hard moves & bargains are kind of weak. 🙂 “T’mek gets an 8, so you lose a shoe in the sand.” *gasp*

    Also, those wrapped monks were pretty weak. You’d probably have to throw 5-10 of those guys at the party to be any kind of challenge. The bugs were way more of a problem- having armor and higher damage that could get through the PCs armor!

    • Would you want to trek through the underground temple of a goddess who personally wants you dead without shoes?

      • Chados

        I didn’t realize she wanted them dead without their shoes! 😀

        • Man, if you’re so convinced that not having shoes in a hostile environment is so inconsequential, you need to go watch Die Hard again.

          (To be fair, I never brought it up again, so it didn’t turn out to be anything major, but I could have had T’mek cross a room lined with poisoned shards, or something.)

          • Chados

            “Wa-HAA! Motherfucker.”

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