Nov 142018

Having escaped from their confines and conquered the gladiatorial arena, the heroes are on their way to the evil sorceress’s lair. But will they be able to survive her other diabolical traps, or will they fall prey to one of her hideous creatures? And will they be able to undo the curse that has been put upon them? Listen to find out!

Nov 072018

Five adventurers awaken in a mysterious dungeon, having been taken captive by an evil wizard. Now, they must escape and find the wizard to undo the curse she has put on them!

These adventurers may have some history with each other. Can they put aside their differences and band together to find a way out? Or will they be eaten by owlbears? Listen to find out!

Oct 192016

This week, we present the conclusion to Swords Against The Dead! As the characters continue to investigate the surge of undead swarming over the seaside village, they begin to piece together the story of the necromancer who summoned them. Pizzdipple questions the sorceress Xuthana, who he found stabbed and dying on her library floor, about the powerful tome of necromancy that the Archmage has placed under her watch. It seems her apprentice, a boy from the village whose parents both died in a tragic maritime accident, betrayed her trust, stabbing her and stealing the book. Meanwhile, the rest of the team meets a suspicious dwarf imprisoned in a crypt beneath the seaside cliff, a dwarf claiming that he is the sorceress’ apprentice. Can our ragtag band of heroes (and Pizzdipple) sort out the truth and defeat the necromancer, or will the terrible magic of the book continue to wreak havoc upon the land? Listen to find out!

Oct 052016

It’s time for another Free RPG Day scenario, this one from Pelgrane Press! When an army of skeletons suddenly besieges a quiet inn in a seaside town, a group of adventurers step in to fight back! Kilala is a skilled tactician and a brave Human Commander, the only one in her class at the military academy to pass her final exam without raising her voice. Rogar the Dwarf Wizard and his feisty raccoon familiar, Diggs, have been exiled from every single dwarven settlement in the Dragon Empire. Grithok III, a Half-Orc Rogue, has been unwillingly conscripted into service on pirate and merchant crews in every port along the Midland Sea. Finally, two returning characters, crazed Halfling Sorcerer Pizzdipple the Buoyant and Dark Elf Paladin Seldar Kle’Dur’gen, reunite for a new adventure. Can they discover the source of the necromantic outbreak and put it to rest? Will Seldar give in to his drowish impulses and murder the halfling who pushed him into the maw of the great Stone Thief? Listen to find out!

Jul 292015
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

In the Dragon Empire, brave adventurers pledge themselves to the service of the mighty Icons who vie for power over the realm. When two such adventurers, a drow paladin of the Great Gold Wyrm and a halfling sorcerer whose Icon relationships are questionable at best, are sent on a dubious mission on the Midland Sea, they get more than they bargained for. The notorious Stone Thief, the world’s oldest and most feared living dungeon, suddenly surfaces, vomiting forth consumed structures and patchwork horrors. After one of its earthquake-like convulsions, the pair find themselves and their crew stranded on a tiny island now swarming with monsters from the Stone Thief’s chilling depths. Can a good-hearted drow and a completely insane halfling keep their crew alive long enough to escape the island? And who thought it was a good idea to trust the rogue that one of them met in jail?