Jul 032019
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The runaways have decided to help the people of Hope Springs, and in turn help themselves.

Now, they need to get into the police precinct and clear out the people there. But what is waiting for them on the other side of the wall? And will they be able to survive?

Listen to find out!

Jun 192019
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And we’re back with the first episode of Alex’s Pilot Season winning campaign, “Amerinomicon!”

In the world of Amerinomicon, Great Cthulhu has arisen and conquered the world. Civilization trembles on the edge of madness in the clutches of the Great Old Ones. Humanity has one last hope: a ragtag group of would-be heroes transporting a metallic sphere on a great American (or Lovecraftian?) road trip.

This week, they find themselves in a shattered community eking out a meager living in the wilds of eastern Pennsylvania. Ejected from their homes by the authority of the GOOs, they long for the day when they can oust the usurpers and reclaim what’s theirs. Will our characters help them take back their town? Listen to find out!

Mar 062019
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This week, Alex rounds out the Rag-NERD-rok Pilot Season with a pulp-action-horror game set in a nightmare America ruled by the Great Old Ones!

After R’lyeh rose from the waves and Great Cthulhu awoke, humanity became a cattle race, allowed to exist as feed stock to the gibbering horrors that dwell beyond time and space. For three decades, humans have endured the tyranny of the GOOs, who keep them oppressed under a brutal police state. Though some try to fight back, the odds are utterly hopeless.

On an ordinary evening that will turn out to be anything but, five friends gather for their weekly poker game. When the sixth player, a resistance member named Jackson Elias, arrives, he has in his possession a secret package that he says could help fight the GOOs and liberate humanity. Pursued by the special police, he needs the group’s help to get the parcel to his contact across town.

In order to make the delivery, they’ll have to brave the carefully patrolled streets after curfew. Can they make the delivery and potentially free humanity, or will they end up as a late-night snack for some Lovecraftian horror? Listen to find out!

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