Nov 172021
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It’s the eve of the coronation of Fire Lord Ozai. Instead of celebrating, a small band of rebels tried to steal a scroll containing some of the true, un-doctored history of the Fire Nation. But they were captured.

Now, as the city comes to life to honor the new fire lord, they try to make their escape. 

Will this ragtag crew be able to get out of the city alive? Or will they get burned in the attempt? Listen to find out!

Nov 102021
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What can prompt two rival restauranteurs to set aside their differences and go into business with an animal control specialist? Is it the big chain eateries, popping up like weeds and squeezing the life out of the local markets? Or could it be the lousy economy, with its supply chain problems and staff shortages?

Neither. It is an idea so bizarre, so new, so outlandishly stupid, that it just might be the next big craze.

Is it a laundromat? No.

Is it a cat café? No.

Is it a bar? No.

It’s all three.

Oct 202021
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After perpetual darkness descended and the power went out for good, after they came, humanity’s only hope lay in the dwindling islands of light. The world is dark, but people still survive—for now.

In this bleak world, with time running out, a group of four marines sets out on a dangerous mission to rescue as many survivors as possible, and bring them to the rendezvous point for extraction. With limited time and even more limited chances, the team will need to face down the demons in the dark, as well as the demons within, if they hope to survive. Can they locate the survivors and shepherd them to safety, or will they lead their flock astray? Listen to find out!

Sep 292021
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News Channel Six is not doing well. Their tiny market of Sitka, Alaska doesn’t have much news. And what it does have usually gets scooped by the jerks at Action News 11. 

But the Alaska Day celebration is coming up, and that’s an opportunity for the crew at Channel Six to turn things around. 

That is, if the lead anchor isn’t too distracted directing his “art film.” And his co-anchor and field reporter aren’t trying to kill him. And if the camera man can stay awake. 

Whatever happens at Alaska Day, it’s guaranteed to be a fiasco!

Aug 252021
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It’s Milicent’s birthday! And now that she’s come of age, it’s time for her to make a quest into the human city to retrieve useful wigs for her enclave.

Milicent and her best friends set out for the city. But dangers they could never expect wait for them.

How will these trashkin blend in among the horrible city of humans? Will they be able to find the wigs? And will they be able to make it back home alive?

Listen to find out!