May 102017

A German banker flies across the Atlantic on the Hindenburg with a secret stash of Nazi gold. His grandson, a time traveling thief, plots to go back and join the infamous last voyage in order to steal it. His grandson is a time traveling cop, sworn to protect the space-time continuum by foiling his grandfather’s schemes. Little do any of them know that a body-swapping, chrono-jumping alien hell-bent on irradiating the gold has also been tossed into the mix, along with its cohort in crime, who was once incarnated as the lover of the German banker. Can the Rag-NERD-rok Crew unknot this twisted tale of time-hopping mayhem, or are their attempts destined to go down in a ball of inexplicable fire? Listen to find out!

This Fiasco was created using the playset Clock Blockers, by Rob Wieland.

Mar 292017

It’s a simple job: go to the mall, break into the DMV and steal a bunch of shit for someone who needs it. The payout is pretty decent, too. Simple, right?

Well, nothing is simple in the Loss. It’s three legs from the enclave to the job site, and that’s plenty of time for shit to get cocked up and for someone to wind up dead. You’ll have to deal with greedy assholes who want to take what you’ve got and leave you for dead. And people who want in on your score, too. And the undead, of course.

And no one has been to this mall since the Crash. There’s probably a good reason for that. But as Takers, figuring shit like that out on the fly is all part of the job.

Join us as Rag-NERD-rok playtests the quick-start rules to “Red Markets,” and the players learn just how hard life can be west of the Recession.

Mar 082017

Scribbledelphia: a cartoon city where everything is bright and colorful, and the work goes to the newest and flashiest CGI animations. Hand-drawn cartoons are left to fade into black and white, and then obscurity. Everything in the city is alive, except for poor government official Billy Button, who was found dead underneath a piano in Barberatown.

Now, it’s up to the five people who were closest to Billy Button to find out who put the eraser to him and bring his killer to justice. There’s Gruffs McKenzie, the bloodhound private-eye and Billy Button’s former lover; Freddy Fingers, a Pixe Towers mobster and Billy Button’s cousin; Bella DiBall, Billy Button’s estranged mother — a depressed, drunk princess with a retinue of happy and singing animal helpers; Duke, the owner of Duke Pianos and many clubs in Scribbledelphia, and a friend of Billy Button; and Jack Sassafras; a vaudevillian performer that Billy Button’s loved so much that he ran his fan club.

Will the five unlikely companions be able to figure out who erased Billy Button and why? Or are they going to wind up rubbed out themselves?

Jan 042017

Three ne’er-do-wells, each traveling the aether for their own reasons, are brought together by a mysterious agent of the queen, who blackmails them into raiding a secretive Martian chemical facility located on Venus. Bock, a simple lizard farmer, loathes the filthy Martians, and seeks to eradicate their presence from his home world. Reverend Jedediah McTeague is a bible-thumping anarchist who always carries a few sticks of dynamite, just in case he runs into any government opposition. Finally, Fauntleroy Blomphort is a Robin Hood figure who robs from the rich and gives mostly to the poor. Unless they want the poison circulating in their bloodstreams to kill them outright, they’ll have to team up with Captain Peach in order to take down the Martian terrorist who claims to have found a “cure for humanity.” Can three criminals stop a mass murderer before his weapons are ready, or will they find themselves in over their heads? Listen to find out!

Nov 232016

It was supposed to be an ordinary suburban get-together, just a few friends and neighbors sharing some lunch and one another’s company. When the guests arrived, however, they found their host curiously absent, his mail piling up and his computer’s hard drive somehow wiped of all information. Does his disappearance have something to do with the collection of AM radios that he keeps tuned to obscure frequencies where droning voices repeat lists of numbers? Has he fallen victim to some terrible internet conspiracy based around the offbeat subreddits he follows? And why on Earth did he order so much hiking equipment? This group of friends and neighbors sets out to learn the truth, and gets much more than they bargained for in the process.