Aug 022017

Three gentlemen from the upper crust of Victorian society — a doctor, a champion polo player and a “poet” — are planning on spending a lovely day on the estate of their Grandfather. However, things don’t go as they planned. Between the alien invasion, time jumps and terrifying monsters, this afternoon at Grandpapa’s is not what was expected.

And worse, their tea is likely to get cold!

This game was run in FATE, but the scenario was created using Ed’s homebrew scenario creator.

Jul 192017

This week, Rag-NERD-rok takes to the upside-down skies of Inverse World with the first installment of a three-episode mini-campaign! A criminal mastermind known as The Tentacle contracts Captain Seahawk and his crew of rowdy misfits aboard the Solar Sailor to travel to the island of Ice Loch and force the local government to loosen its draconian stranglehold on area trade. Among them are Crisis, an elemental creature made of liquid fire who runs the ship’s boiler, Clark, a hapless high-flyer who gained his remarkable acrobatic abilities after he fell into Sola’s gold cage, and Sidd, a man with a mech suit and a tinkerer’s knack for creating useful inventions. In order to complete their mission and get paid, they’ll have to infiltrate the island and threaten, cajole or strong-arm the crime family that runs its shipping. However, en route to their destination, the crew must pass through a treacherous uprainstom that will test their abilities to work as a team. Can they survive the onslaught of Sola’s tears and reach port, or will they find themselves careening toward the fiery center of Invells? Listen to find out!

Jul 122017

For the Sentinels of The Invisible Word, an “informal” Firewall server dedicated to tracking and combating epistemological threats, nothing poses a greater danger to the continued existence of the species than the limits of transhuman knowledge. Without the approval of the rest of The Org, they have taken it upon themselves to untie the knotty philosophical questions puzzling transhumans. Is the post-Fall world nothing but an elaborate simulation under the TITANs’ control? In order to test the limits of reality itself, they’ll have to track down a rare petal called Delphinium One, a shared hallucinatory experience created by a rogue AGI hacker. Getting their hands on the petal may be easier said than done, however, as the only one on Mars has currently been promised to socialite and scion of Elysium Vincenza Oaxaca-Maartens. Can these philosophical agents of Firewall acquire the petal and prove once and for all whether or not the entirety of existence is an elaborate sham? Listen to find out!

Jul 052017

The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was the worst disaster to ever hit the city, and one of the worst disasters the U.S. has ever faced. The city was almost completely destroyed, and it took years to recover. But in Chinatown, where the city’s poorest citizens lived, the destruction was complete. Between the earthquake itself and the destruction caused in trying to recover, not one building was left standing.

Into the rubble go the children of Chinese immigrants, going home to try to pick up the pieces and find their families. But the earthquake did more than just destroy buildings and take lives — it released something that was trapped. Something evil and angry. Something that wants revenge.

If you want to learn more about the San Francisco earthquake, and the architectural style that rose from the rubble, listen to this great episode of 99 Percent Invisible.

May 102017

A German banker flies across the Atlantic on the Hindenburg with a secret stash of Nazi gold. His grandson, a time traveling thief, plots to go back and join the infamous last voyage in order to steal it. His grandson is a time traveling cop, sworn to protect the space-time continuum by foiling his grandfather’s schemes. Little do any of them know that a body-swapping, chrono-jumping alien hell-bent on irradiating the gold has also been tossed into the mix, along with its cohort in crime, who was once incarnated as the lover of the German banker. Can the Rag-NERD-rok Crew unknot this twisted tale of time-hopping mayhem, or are their attempts destined to go down in a ball of inexplicable fire? Listen to find out!

This Fiasco was created using the playset Clock Blockers, by Rob Wieland.