Oct 142020
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Spooptober continues!

This week, we delve into the second edition of Fiasco, one of our favorite games. 

Normally, the residents of Sucker Creek try to avoid the beast that lives in their swamp. Some try to profit off of it, but most others steer clear. 

But when a woman from the big city shows up seeking the beast so that her supernatural romance novel can be turned into a Lifetime Christmas movie, the people of Sucker Creak will have to reassess their priorities. 

Is the beast real? Will they find it? Will they be able to make their movie, or will it all be a Fiasco? Listen to find out!

Jul 152020
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We do a “Tiger King”-inspired Fiasco. Do we really need to say more? 

OK, we will. After sending the third person in their throuple to jail, a married couple tries to reinvigorate their failing big cat animal zoo. Even though they pledge to not do the unethical things that got their former husband sent to jail, they soon learn that taking care of big cats costs big money.

Plus, their ex is out of jail and is looking for revenge. And a job at Walmart.

Will they be able to get the money together? Or will they have to resort to horrible (and illegal) business practices? Whatever they do, it’s going to be a fiasco!

Download the playset here! It’s PWYW, and a lot of fun.

Jun 172020
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Now knowing for certain that they’re up against the unnatural, the Delta Green cell is ramping up its investigation.

They get some backup and decide to return to the home for a second night. Will the new information they have help them put an end to the curse on the home? Will they be able to make the neighborhood safe? Or will they become the latest victims of the evil house? 

Listen to find out!

May 272020
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A Delta Green agent was found dead in his home under mysterious circumstances. Three agents are dispatched to investigate the death and find out if there was anything supernatural about it. 

Their investigation leads them to a house, where nothing is as it seems. This house has history, and it’s all bad. 

Can the agents figure out what’s going on in the home? And will they be able to survive? Listen to find out!

Note: This game was recorded online over Discord. Please excuse any audio dips and us repeatedly saying “can you hear me?”

Mar 252020
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Join us for our first-ever game of Mothership! 

The crew of a small transport vessel are caught by surprise when the asteroid mining facility they’ve docked at reports some strange trouble. A scientist showed up recently, and a crew member just went missing. 

It’s probably nothing, though. Accidents happen. Space is a dangerous place, after all…