Dec 212016

Walter, T’Mek, Fenfaril and Baldwin are still trapped in Tharc’s temple, which is rapidly sinking and collapsing around them. In order to escape the desert goddess’ wrath, they’ll have to descend to the temple’s lowest level, a dangerous, monster-haunted maze reserved for only the most vile sinners. However, before they can save themselves from certain death by live burial under hundreds of tons of sand and stone, they’ll need to make a little stop at the Tomb of Tharc so that Walter can fulfill the depraved wishes of his awful god Yntos. Along the way, they’ll meet some new (and short-lived) allies, discover the true secret of Asala Ilu’s enchantment magic, and make the giant corpse of a goddess a couple of feet shorter using nothing but their wits and a hacksaw. Will Tharc stand for this insult? Can Walter and friends find an exit before it’s too late? Will T’Mek’s crippling insecurity drive the group apart? Listen to find out!

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  • Trainshaman

    I have to say, this steadily became one of my new favorite APs. Kudos to Alex for Walter, he’s a brilliant core for everyone else to orbit and play off of, and Ryan for making Yinthos just compelling enough to make his dickbaggery and anger kinda sympathetic. The low key deadpan of the scene with the high priest was just the best. I lost my shit at God of Ambidexterity.

    Also, Another Sad Christmas Song EP when?

  • Chados

    The Fate’s Fools party: We’re not the heroes. We’re the other guys.

    They’re not really Evil, either- just kind of… assholes. 🙂

    I’m glad Baldwin is still alive and kicking. Man, this is a very fun AP.

  • CrazonStudios

    Just wanted to say, I’m a new listener, and absolutely loving this campaign! Looking forward to the rest.

    • Glad you’re enjoying it! We’ve got two more episodes to go, this week and next, before we’re current, and then we’re probably going to take a break from it for a while. We’re trying to do shorter arcs instead of long campaigns to bring a little more variety into what we play.

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