Dec 142016

Ruby, Dourla and Ryder unite with some newfound friends to hunt for another Demiurge artifact in the perilous world of Umdaar! This week, another of Ruby’s visions leads them to the Mediocre Coast, where they discover a lovely resort town known as Meh. There, they meet Sir Reginald Blake, a mutant psychic whose third eye sees unknowable secrets, and his traveling companion, Charlemagne, a cytyr–half-robot, half-baboon. Together, they decide to summon the sky-carriage that climbs the silver pillar at the center of town, hoping that the artifact they seek is located somewhere in the skylands above. However, before they can claim it, they’ll have to face the formidable beast, Ela-Vator, negotiate with a lusty fish-person, and survive within a deadly thunderstorm. Was Ruby’s vision of the artifact accurate? Will the Archaeonauts survive their climb to the heavens? Just how versatile is the sex doll programming in Dourla’s cybernetic helmet? Find out, in our latest episode of Masters of Umdaar!

  • Trainshaman

    Great game. Ruby Gleam really shines (hah) when she has foils to play off of, and James and Chris rounded out the dynamic and humor a lot. The quirkiness of the setting really suits you guys. Due to currently prepping for an Accelerated game of my own, though, I couldn’t help but notice you guys used the rules of different editions of Fate when going off of memory. 😛

  • Chados

    Good night, Paul! And, sorry about the puke thing, Meyer. :'(

    I do like the Fate system, though the stress/consequence/health part is probably the wonkiest part. James and Chris’ characters were great, but I have to wonder what Chris’ fixation with baboons is about!

    • Chris

      Baboons are awesome! what’s not to like??

      • Chados

        I have no good counter-argument!

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