Jan 182017

In this week’s installment of Fate’s Fools, Walter, T’mek, Fen and co. begin to explore the underground kingdom of Valkonia! Leaving their new companion Piotr behind while he vision quests at the behest of his nameless deity, they find themselves traversing the subterranean swamp known as The Desolate Slough of the Savior, deep elf held territory. However, when a whirlpool suddenly appears in the murky swamp waters, Walter, T’mek and Eebmox find themselves sucked into the Death Caves below, which serve as the hallowed burial ground of the Valkonian dwarves. They decide to make the best of a bad situation by looting a tomb, and Walter uses his vial of pure enchantment magic to create a new companion. Meanwhile, Fenfaril and Baldwin find themselves in the custody of the fearsome warrior elves that inhabit the swamp, and Fen learns a terrible secret about the misspelled marking he now bears. Will these poor idiots ever see each other again, or has Destiny finally gotten the better of them?

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  • Chados

    Goat Lief!

    “I try to keep it cool, but inside I’m like.. crying.”
    /Fen quotes

  • Mark Hedden

    I was a little upset when Walter’s first reaction to Borax was to plan on callously replacing him. How could Walter be so stony hearted!? Borax rocks – he’s an absolute gem! No, thought I, Walter has to be gneiss to Borax – ore else someone would have to pumice him for his trespasses with a volcanic fury. Such a crime would have called for a truly unique and igneous sentence.

    I was happy, then, when Walter realized what a diamond in the rough Borax is, rendering all this talk of crime and pumice-ment irrelevant.

    But seriously, this whole campaign has been a lot of fun to listen to. I am really enjoying it. “Goat Lief” becoming a significant factor in the plot was… amazing.

    • How could you do that to us?!

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