Oct 312017

All-Mart is a big-box store and wholesaler, the type of establishment that stocks mountains of off-season swimwear and pallets of industrial-sized mayonnaise jars. There’s more hidden on these shelves than meets the eye, however, and four overnight employees have banded together to discover the truth behind the mysterious items that occasionally turn up. They call it “exostock,” products that shouldn’t exist from outside of reality itself, each with a discrete magical effect. In the hours between eleven and seven, when only the weirdos shop, this cabal of would-be chargers explore the sprawling aisles, hoping to uncover the secret of the All-Mart and inventory the strangeness that lurks within. Will they find the answers they seek, or will trifling with arcane powers beyond their ken lead them to ruin?

  • lark wake

    this was a goddamn delight

    if I were gonna criticize it I’d say structurally a little weak, everything of any consequence happened in the back thirdish? and wasn’t that interactive, but really as an introduction to a gonzo UA campaign it was stronk

    if ragnerdrok starts alternating between UA and Red Markets campaigns…mmm

    • As the GM, I was a little unhappy with this session for that reason. We needed a game in a pinch, so I turned to the prefab campaign setting because it was available and easy. This was supposed to be the intro episode to a longer story, setting up a lot of the elements that come into play later on with a dramatic scene to keep things interesting. It doesn’t quite work as a stand-alone.

      (Also, between you, me and the Internet as a whole, the players were really smart about how they handled the gunman. I had to make an excuse for actual violence to happen.)

      That said, I would be very interested in running a homemade campaign. I’d love to see what my crazy friends would come up with.

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